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I recently put a poll regarding the topic/question above on my insta story and I got a backlash from one of my followers who felt it was inappropriate for some reason and even the idea of a person picking money over love was crazy and unrealistic. 47% of over 200 people in the poll actually picked money and contrary to what most people believe that doesn’t make them monsters. They simply spoke their truth and now am about to speak mine. Relationships; a 21st century business transaction

I have said this a lot and I would say it a again, Love is not what keeps a relationship or a marriage for that matter. So many things come together to make a good and healthy relationship including love, trust, respect, communication, honesty, faithfulness and so many other little component including Money. In fact money is a big component, Life is not a fairy tale or a movie where the rich girl marries the poor guy and they live happily ever after or where two struggling lovers defy all odds and they end up happily ever after in their one bedroom apartment. Eventually they both need to get up and work because love isn’t going to put food on the table or pay the rent. Love is the most important thing but its not enough. Its also like saying oxygen is the most important thing to live life but oxygen won’t help you “survive”, you need water, food, shelter in other to survive and that’s almost the case with love and the other components.                    Speaking of relationships however I don’t mean high school or college relationships where you just mess around, I am referring to a mature relationship that would probably lead to marriage or having children and speaking on money I don’t mean the guy or lady should be Bill gates or Oprah, I am simply referring to financial stability of some kind. A job and steady income, the truth is call me a gold digger but I cant date a “jobless” man. Am sorry but it just won’t work, no matter how much I love the man, I also love myself and I have goals and aspirations in life and if I am not careful in the relationship he is going to be a baggage and liability to me, we still love each other but we also resent each other.

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The truth is, I don’t need a man to have money to take care of me, I need him to have some money and a good job for himself because I am going to have my own job and my career and he would end up becoming intimidated and angry anytime he has to come to me for money. Apart from that at some point your relationships stop being about the two of you when children are involved and bringing Life into a relationship is expensive. Certain levels of relationships brings unavoidable responsibilities and it hurts when you can meet up with them.


Love is more important but Money is also extremely important in a mature relationship, they go hand in hand. A love that lacks money “might” not stand the test of time neither would a relationship based on money but lacking love last. Money is a love catalyst, it helps grow and nurture the love. On the other hand, where there is all the money in the world but no love. its even more dangerous. Most of the times women settle for the money and not the love but that would not take you far in life.

I also strongly frown at the idea of the woman constantly waiting for the man to put food on the table, pay for her hair, buy her clothes and all that. He can do it out of love but the truth is at this day and age, no Man wants to be with a financial liability. He might be cool for a while but everyone has their breaking point. A relationship is a partnership and it takes a lot to grow and thrive from both parties.


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