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First of all, Happy new year is in order. If you are reading this it means you made it to 2019 and I couldnt be happier. 2018 was extermely crazy and frustating for me dating wise. I kissed a lot of frogs and it wasnt pretty but the whole journey was exhausting but I had to meet all the wrong ones to find the right one. 2019 is a new slate, a chance to redo everything, get rid of the past and take a breath of fresh air. 2019 is a year to be happy my greastest goal this year is to be happy and have the best time of my life, basically just live my best life.

Relationships are nice but at some point we grow out of it or we get too comfortable it just becomes one of the random things in our lives, we forget to love and have fun so these goals are mostly aimed at rejuvinating a relationship and bringing it back to a healthy state and if your relationship is healthy and great already, these goals would simply help you maintain that happy space you are in. When it comes to relationships, a few goals aren’t a bad thing as long as you keep it simple and make sure it’s something you both agree on rather than setting something unobtainable that’s going to stress you out more.

Quality time is a foundation of any relationship.Quality time is hard to come by, so this is special and nothing or no onr should come before this unless it’s an emergency. It may be once a week, it may be less- find an amount that works for you and try to stick to it. Date each other, make it new and fresh, try out new resturants, go to the movies, have a games nights, go out for drinks. It shouldn’t be the same thing over and over again. That’s the fastest way to kill a relationship, you have to give each other something to always look forward too.


I am the absolute worst when it comes to this, I am basically addicted to my phone and the truth is so many people depend so much on their phones that they miss every other thing going on around them. If you want to make your time together really count, decide that you’ll spend a certain amount of time without your phones. “These things were meant to make our lives better, but they sometimes seem like the bane of our existence,”. Remember you are with your significant other, not your smartphone. Putting them in another room — or even locked away in a drawer — can make a huge difference. This shouldnt just be a relationship goal, it should also be a life style goal.


Anytime I get to do something new with my parnter I get super excited. A few weeks ago I went on a roller coaster for the first time in about 10 years, it was extremely scary but after the whole experience, I talked about it for hours and laughed so hard and it was extremely fun. Trying something new is a great way to feel more bonded. “Whatever it is, do something new to keep the relationship fresh and exciting, make sure it isn’t the same old, same old. You need to keep it fresh.” Try something you have never eaten before, travel somewhere new, try ice skating, try picking something out of your comfort zone, whatever that may be.



It’s far too easy to get caught up in our own little whirlwinds and forget how lucky we are, so try taking some time to thank your partner more. “This keeps you from taking them for granted and showing how much you appreciate that little thing your partner does,” if you have been together a year or 20 years, still thank them for that movie or dinner.” And maybe, just for being them.

When setting 2019 relationship goals, you don’t need to think of anything too difficult or complicated. Pick a few things that will maximize the quality of time that you spend together — and help you remember how lucky you are


Staying spiritually centered is about understanding who you are and why you are on the Earth. It is about getting in touch with your “true self”. Many writers throughout the ages have learned how to find a source of love inside of them that exceeds the love they can produce by their own effort.Being spiritually centered requires reading about the lives of the great examples of divine love and practicing what you learn from them.Taking the time to meditate, pray, reflect, and to find the light of love in others as well as in creation, are all part of becoming spiritually centered.It begins by knowing and living in the reality of the presence of divine love. Your true self will come forward when you can experience who you are as a human being with a spiritual center.Setting intention about this requires taking time to read sacred texts. Try connecting with people who can serve as mentors and spiritual guides.

I’m a Christian so going to church and reading my Bible is one thing i would love to do more often with my partner.


It’s important to talk about what your relationship is going to look like six months from now, one year from now, or even five years from now. If the future involves a trip or a new apartment, work together as a team to come up with a plan. “Whenever two people feel as though they’re on the same team and are relying on one another, it brings them closer,It’s also a good idea for couples to have something to look forward to.That way, you always feel like your relationship is moving forward.


Nobdoy is perfect, we are all flawed and sometimes when we make mistakes and we get corrected by our parnters we tend to feel hurt or judged. Its important to accept every correction with love and understanding and it is also important to correct our partners with love and not just nag them for doing something wrong.

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