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A lot of people feel like an emotional wreck most of the time and you basically want to curl up and die somewhere. I’m not going to lie for a long time I wasn’t any different, I used to feel the exact same way and once in a while I still do. Most of the time you can’t help it, you feel like a mess physically, mentally and emotionally. You feel like you are not good enough and just broken overall, something is broken in you and you don’t understand how to get it fixed. Life just simply sucks for you sometimes, infact I would say most of the time. Life has a way of making you feel super high just to bring you right down and then we feel like we just hit “rock bottom”,one minute you are full of life, you really feel like you got this and things might actually go well this time and the next thing you know nothing feels good, you suddenly feel like a faliure and honestly a lot of times you would rather isolate yourself from the world than actually facing it because sometimes the world has such a curel way of hurting you and taking so much from you and at this point you feel like you have nothing else to give and you are just done.

If you feel this way a lot then it might be a sign that things are clearly messed up somewhere. Sometimes you feel this way so often that you basically think you are normal and its okay to feel this way because that’s how the world works and you start seeing everything from a broken and damaged point of view


1. YOU AVOID CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS DUE TO FEAR OF GETTING HURT; If you have been hurt a lot, multiple times by a loved one, family, friends or a partner then you naturally start having this idea that everyone is the same and nobody is trustworthy and they are all basically all out to get you. You think they are going to hurt you so you build a very high wall to protect yourself, you hide and run very far away, you make excuses to distance yourself as much as possible and you get so comfortable behind that wall you have built. You basically draw back from anything that can possibly make you feel good and that is a very disturbing sign that something is wrong somewhere.

2. YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH; When you start seeing someone nice or decent or something good finally happens to you, you are happy for a split second but because you are so broken you start asking questions






It’s almost like you are convinced that you don’t deserve to be happy and you don’t deserve good things like love and happiness in life. Only an emotionally fucked up person would have this prespective about life, you can’t afford to think life only has bad things in store for you, you need to start seeing the beauty of life and all the great opportunities you can get from it.

3. YOU SABOTAGE YOURSELF; When you have a low-self esteem and zero self confidence, you sabotage good things that come your way. You would rather cheat on someone you think you love rather than admitting that you love them because you are too messed up to accept love and happiness and good things so you feel the need to ruin it, destroy everything that comes your way intentionally.

4. ANGER ISSUES; When you are emotionally messed up, you are always angry and resentful. You snap back and forth between being perfectly pleasant and being extremely furious. You’re not able to control your emotions in a healthy manner. Your anger can be damaging, you may shout and scream and even break stuff when you are angry and sometimes you become violent to the people around you.

5. YOU ARE A LONER; Nobody should feel better when they are alone all the time, I enjoy my own comapny but sometimes I want to hang out with my friends and have a good time. If you would rather lock yourself up in your room every second of the day, playing video games, eating and sleeping there might be something wrong. No man is an island.

6. YOU ARE ADDICTED TO DURGS; So many people take drugs and alcohol just because they want to feel something else, something they can’t seem to feel in their everyday lives but the truth is if you have to turn to drug and alcohol to feel better about life or even distract yourself about how you really feel emotionally then you should really dig deep down and think about it, sometimes you just have to face whatever you are going through rather than always drinking, smoking, injecting yourself or sniffing stuff to avoid your problems because the second everything wears off, your problems and feelings rush back and gradually addiction sets in.

7. YOU HURT YOURSELF; If you hurt yourself, go out of your way to inflict pain on yourself then this might be a sign of emotional and even mental disability. So many people cut themselves up, hit their heads on the wall, try to drown themselves or even scratch themselves till they bleed, all these done intentionally because some how they would rather be in pain than be happy, they believe they deserve to be punished for making a mistake and feeling a certain way so they go out of their way to actually hurt themselves.

8. YOU ARE SUICIDAL; When you find yourself obsessing about death and constantly thinking about thaking your own life, feeling fed up of the world and hoping that whatever is on the other side has to be better than what you are going through now, then you might be unstable and you need to speak up and get help because it means that you have already given up on yourself and given up on life.

9. HAPPINESS UPSETS YOU; I have been in a place where seeing other people happy upsets me, you compare yourself with other people and when other people are doing better than you are or are happier than you are, you get jealous, upset, mad and even depressed. It means you are carrying so much hurt, hate and negative energy around you that somehow you have forgotten how to be happy.

10. YOU ARE ALWAYS ANXIOUS; Every broken person suffers from an anxiety period. You always have that dose of caution because you have gone through a lot in life, so you are anixous everytime you are around new people or situations where you feel like you have no power or control over.


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