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This girls trip is definitely my favorite girls trip of all time mostly because my mom came visiting from my home country (Nigeria) and it was really nice to go on this beautiful adventure with my mom, my sister and our mutual friend. Banff is located in Southern Alberta, Canada and luckly for me it was just about an hour and half drive from Calgary which was a very inexpensive, quick trip. The whole trip was about 10-12 hours all together, including the drive and the drive was simply stunning. We were greeted with a beautiful series of the mountains and the lakes.

This wasn’t my first time in Banff, my very first time was with my friend and that was in the 2018 winter, it was really cold and not as fun because it got dark really fast and I didn’t get a good look at the place but my second time was so much better because we went in the spring time and everything was nice, still cold but I wasn’t freezing and I saw it all (well, most of it).

(Banff 2018, Winter)

The best thing about Banff I must say is the fact that its opened in all season and with every season comes different activities ; winter, spring, summer, fall every season is a good season to go to Banff and every visit is most likely going to be filled with new experineces.

Getting to banff, there is a fee you have to pay to give you an access to the park, I think we paid for the 24 hours group pass which only cost us about 30$ CAD (canadian dollars) which was pretty cool because we had access to the whole park.


There are a bunch of things to do in Banff, as if the incredible site seeing isn’t enough, I think is it a great place for artists to get inspiration, you can go hiking because the mountains are ridiculously beautiful, its a great place to have picnics, they also have live bands, a shopping complex, lakes and rivers for swimming, kayaking and boat riding. They also have horse back riding and sightseeing gondola as well as the museums. There is also the majestic Fairmount Castle(hotel) which is simply breathtaking, even though it is not advisable to spend a night there because one night is about 500$ CAD, its still a great place to explore, also the hotsprings wasn’t too shabby. I really wanted to spend sometime at the hot springs but it got so crowded so fast it was ridiculous.

They also have different resturants, we tried the Silver Dragon chinese cuisine which was suprisingly so affordable and so delicious, very clean and friendly, frankly I was surprised it wasn’t crowded because it was a pretty nice resturant but I guess we went after lunch hours so maybe that explains it. We had some crab cakes, cocktails, duck, Singapore noodles and some fried rice all for less than 100$ CAD.


1. DRESSING: Like any other trip you have to be as comfortable as possible, a nice pair of jeans and shirt is the best way to go for this trip and make sure you have a pair of sneaker on because there are a lot of rocky places and wearing heels or wedge can be a dangerous idea. Also you need a jacket for the winter/ spring period. My last trip I experienced about 3 weather changes so I had 2 jackets incase it got too cold or too warm.

2. HOT SPRINGS: I really wanted to go to the hot springs because I have never been to one but it was so crowded and I got discouraged, the best time to go to the hot spring if you want to enjoy your privacy should be anytime before 12 noon. Keep in mind that there are a few rules at the hot springs; no talking, lotering, taking pictures.

3. ANIMALS: Banff has all sorts of animals, snakes,mountain goats, deers, bears and so much more, you have to put this at the back of your mind so you don’t get scared or startled when you see them, also don’t attack the animals, just don’t bug them so you don’t get a bad recation and don’t feed them. Just enjoy the sight and move on.

4. ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodations in banff can be pretty expensive, I checked some airbnb’s before going on this trip and accommodation was a little unreasonable to me so to really maximize your money, book your accomadtions outside town, there are neighbouring towns in banff about 10 – 20 minutes away which are as nice and cheaper.

5. SECURITY: I suggest that while visiting this amazing place, you go in twos or in a group just for safesty reasons, some places can be really deserted and it is a very big space so you might get lost and just be all alone in the wild. Always make sure your phone is charged so you can call for help and even though everyone is nice and friendly, be careful of strangers.


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