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I haven’t been to the zoo in almost 10 years, way back when I was still in my home country (Nigeria). It was always something I anticipated growing up, just seeing all those wonderful animals always got me excited. Going to the zoo this weekend was basically me releasing my inner child and just letting loose.

The calgary zoo is a must see if you are ever in the Calgary area. It is an ageless experience for everyone and you are guaranteed so much fun.

It was a really hot day and it was super packed with people which made sense since it was the weekend.The people were nice, they had great staff, always ready to answer your questions with a smile on their faces and the animals were even nicer. It cost about 29.99 CAD$ to get access which was a whole day’s pass as long as you get in before 5 pm. There were different food vendors for icecream, drinks and a whole lot of junk food, a little expensive but it wasn’t so bad.

Although the land mass was really large and there was plenty of walking to do, benches where every where so you could catch your breath and actually relax before going on another adventure.

Overall, if you want a day to just relax and enjoy nature or spend quality time with your family and loved ones, the zoo is a perfect place to bring out your inner child and be mermerized by all these amazing creatures.


1 .DRESS COMFORTABLY: Here in Canada it was about 27 degrees and I was boiling, I originally wore some denim on denim ensemble but once I stepped out I couldn’t survive the heat so I changed into a nice dress that was open and a pair of sandals. It is super important to make sure your shoes are as comfy as possible because there is a whole lot of walking to do.

2. DRINK UP: Summer is upon us, it is crazy hot out here and super dry so make sure you have enough water, pop, energy dink or whatever you like or else there is a possibility you would get really fatigue and feel light headed after a while, which is no fun.

3. PACK A BAG: It’s always a good idea to pack a bag; get your sunscreen, umbrella, camera, santizers,snacks and I would even suggest a mat, Incase you just want to relax in the shade and take a little break.

4. HAVE COMPANY: It’s always a good idea to go on adventures with someone to talk to and experience the whole journey with you. It’s always better to have someone because it is truly a whole day’s expereince and it might get a little lonely alone.

5. TAKE YOUR TIME: Don’t be in a rush to explore the whole zoo, you don’t have to do it all in one day, just relax and enjoy the moment.


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