Braids and Beret; Causal but chic parisian look.

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Have you very gotten ready on the go? That is basically how this whole look came together. My main outfit was all put together but my accessory wasn’t even part of the plan.

I had to escort my mom to the airport and I really wanted to look as casual and comfortable as possible because it was just the airport but I wanted to look good just incase we had to take pictures.Basically this whole look is a white body suit, light blue denim overalls and a pair of pink nike snickers.

Originally I just had my braids in some kind of half up/ half down pony but that didn’t look so good so I just let my hair down, which just basically looked “basic”.

After my trip to the airport , I went to Hudson’s bay because I heard there was a huge sale and I just browsed around until I found this beret from Topshop which was already on sale but had an additional 40% off which was pretty amazing. I didn’t own a beret prior but I really wanted one so it was perfect.

I put on the beret and I couldn’t take it off. It just felt like this is what I needed to complete the whole look, it was so effortless and chic so I kept it on and the full look was born. It also gave me some kind of Janet Jackson vibe from Poetic Justic just with its own twist on it I guess.

I accesorized this whole look with this super cute bag my mom got me and I have been carrying it non-stop. She got it at a thrift store for less than 20USD and that has been my go- to -everyday bag.

Outfit details:

White bodysuit- Forever21

Overralls- Fashionnova

Shoes- Nike

Beret- Topshop

Bag- Thrif store.

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