Crazy sexual fetishes: My husband gets turned on by my blood.

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This post is actually for next week but I want to share a story I found online with you guys and know what your opinions are.My next post is about really weird sexually fetishes and when I say weird I mean weird but before next week’s post, here is A story of a woman whose husband has a creepy fetish.Let me know if you guys can put up with things like this or the weirdest situation you have ever found yourself because this man took weird to another level.

” My husband does not have sex with me or enjoys sex except he sees blood. I have been married for 7 years now but it has been pains and sorrow. My husband use to beat me mercilessly  when we newly got married, even without reasons, but I always notice that he uses sharp objects when he is doing that and as soon as I bleed he will cuddle me and begin to apologize while we reconcile as we make love. This went on and on until I observed when ever we make love all he does is to kiss the bloody part and when I try to clean if off he gets very aggressive. It continued until I had both kids. I had to confront him one day telling him that he is a ritualistic and am ready to divorce him before he kills me but I was so shocked he was calm about it.       

Instead he went on his knees to further explain to me how he gets turned on by blood. He said most time she does not mean to hurt me but because of his crazy fanatic he just has to since he does not want to cheat on me. After much of explaining and telling me about his violent background I decided to reason with him. The bible says for better for worse. Instead I found a way around it, and decided that each time we want to make love I will let him cut me with a razor instead of beating me up. All I just need to do is endure the pain and satisfy my husband. Yes the scares in my body is uncountable but I am doing it all for love and marriage which is called sacrifices”.

Wow!!! You guys have no idea how crazy people are. Sex is no joke for some people. Like some people just go big or go home, pretty intense but am going to save it for next week. You know I have a lot to say but am just going to zip it. Thanks for reading, love you guys. If you want to share or comment, comment below or message me on Instagram, Twitter:@cutemayaah. ❤️

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