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ALL ALONE ON VALENTINES: the singles guide on surviving the most annoying “holiday”

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Hey guys, I guess Happy new month is in order. It’s February and am guessing we all know what that means.

February basically is that time of the month when the universe rubs your Single status right in your face.So like every other “single” person in the world, Valentine’s Day is one holiday we all Dread. February is the season of Love we all know that but if you are as single as I am then it can be pretty pretty depressing and am really not a fan of it at the moment. Luckily this time it’s on a week day “Tuseday” and everyone should be busy with work or school, so it’s not as intense as it usually is but am still not in the mood either ways. Back when I was in school, Valentine’s Day sometimes got really annoying specially when you are the only single one in a group and all your friends are getting all the goodies, love and attention. One time I actually locked myself up in my room and cried because honestly, I was jealous and I felt like I was not wanted, beautiful or loved but I know better now. I previously decided that this valentine am just going to bury myself in work but then I figured Valentine’s Day shouldn’t make you feel awful about life or your shitty love life. As annoying as it seems you can enjoy your day like every other person.Valentine’s Day can be a depressing day when you’re single, but it doesn’t have to be. As much as we like to stew in our bitter thoughts about being without love on the day of love, there are ways to get through it in a positive way, too. Here’s how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re riding solo:

The first thing is to get into the mindset of braving the day without a date. For some people this is a cake walk, but for others and for those who have recently been left with a broken heart, it can be difficult. The first step is empowering yourself to make this day amazing, even if you’re doing it alone.

Nothing says pick-me-up like a relaxing massage or a mani-pedi. It’ll make you feel fresh and give you something to look forward to on the day. And really, who doesn’t love massages and manicures?

Eat something you love, whether it’s something you cook for yourself, or something brought to you by the delivery guy. Don’t worry about your diet or how many calories you’ll be consuming; you’re entitled to a cheat every now and then. If you want the whole f*cking pizza, then eat the whole f*cking pizza. It’s YOUR day.


Well I don’t have friends but If you have single friends, try and plan a get together to go out and enjoy the night as a group or even just with one friend as a date. Take silly pictures and hashtag #singleAF on your Instagram posts. Make light of the situation and surround yourself with people who make you laugh.


So for people who love sports, especially the single guys, Sports bars aren’t exactly the setting for the standard romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, so these are usually safe places to go and are mostly guaranteed to be crawling with other single people who are enjoying their day and nights without someone by their side. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone too!

Sometimes it’s just as simple as putting on an outfit you feel your best in to make you feel great on a day you’re not initially overly excited about. Whether it’s your favorite t-shirt and a your best pair of jeans or that hot little black dress you keep hiding in the back of your closet, dare to wear whatever makes you happiest.

This goes without saying, but wine is always a great answer to just about everything. Buy a nice bottle you normally wouldn’t and enjoy every drop to yourself.

If you were in a relationship, you might have spent money on the person you were dating. Instead, spend some on yourself and buy yourself something you’ve been eyeing or put it towards a trip you’ve been dying to go on.


Sometimes just writing down what you want is enough to put you in a great and more comfortable mindset. On Valentine’s Day, a lot of us singles go through a ton of emotions as we scroll through our social media newsfeeds and hear and see proclamations of love all over the place. Instead of crying about it, do something healthy and write down the things you want and appreciate in a person and what you hope Valentine’s Day will look like next year. It might seem crazy, but it helps.

 So am thinking a gigantic bowl of ice cream and one of my all time fav comedic movie. Note: if you are an emotional person please please please don’t go for a romantic movie. Watch something hilarious, go old school like big mama’s house, white chicks, mr beans you know bring back the good stuff and laugh your night away. Don’t take yourself too seriously on that day


Taking the time to reflect on yourself and your life as it is here and now, whether you’re alone or not is the healthiest choice you can make. You might be celebrating Valentine’s Day alone, but your life is probably still amazing the other 364 days out of the year — so drink wine, rock your mani-pedi and your little black dress, and try to focus on that.

So now am thinking I just might leave work a couple of hours before my closing time for this one day, go home where something pretty and comfy, just get some chocolates, ice cream, hell maybe even order myself a cake(some nice red velvet and chocolate cupcakes) and enjoy my evening with a nice movie. My parents are probably gonna be out on a date so I got the whole house to myself, how cool is that?

Remember: you are single not because you are not beautiful or smart or loveable or funny or charming or sexy. You are simply waiting for the right person and there is nothing wrong with that, it simply shows you value yourself and love yourself enough to actually wait for the love you deserve. Don’t forget to share your plans with me and let me know if this post helped. Love you guys.


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