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So I was watching a movie earlier this week and there was this particular scene where basically, this guy had apparently called a sex worker and it looked like things turned south really fast and the guy became aggressive and started doing all these really extreme things to her and she was trying to get him to stop,she was obviously in pain and she was crying and he just keep on going. When help finally came, he justified his action by saying ” A HOE CANNOT BE RAPED”. I was honestly so shocked and disgusted by his level of ignorance, and the sad thing is so many people but men and especially women really believe in this dumb theory, they say oh because she is a prostitute or a slut then she cannot be raped.

Who made you the MORAL JUDGE?  The last time I checked, rape is to “Force sexual intercourse or other sexual activity upon another person without their consent”. Meaning the minute I say NO and you insist on still doing it, then it’s rape.  It’s like saying because I am giving out candy it’s okay for the candy to be stolen from me since am giving it out anyways”. People including myself, we go about saying things like she is a whore, she sleeps around, she is a bitch but really who are you to judge. The fact that you do things and you don’t get caught or you aren’t into “sexual immorality” but you do something way worse than that doesn’t make you the better person.

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Sex workers tend to be raped in a more violent manner involving more weapons, subsequently suffering more (physical) injury than non-sex workers. Their attackers tend to have a record of sexual offenses and other violent crimes and people honestly just don’t care because they believe you deserve it.

Getting raped as a sex worker shouldn’t be seen as a mere “occupational hazard”. All people deserve the unconditional right to safety from rape and from the threat of rape. All survivors of rape and indecent assault should have equal access to the criminal justice system.including reporting, court and sentencing procedures. The gravity or implications of rape cannot be measured by the ‘class’ of the victim. Nor can they be measured by the ‘class’ of the perpetrator. The effects of rape are experienced differently by each victim/survivor regardless of gender, age, class, cultural background, occupation and/or sexual history. Further, there is no ‘appropriate’ victim/survivor response to this crime which can provide a basis for the sentencing of rapists.

Men should not see this as a free pass. Only animals rape people, it is simply demonic and barbaric. Whether you are a sex worker or not, rape is still rape and men have to respect boundaries and respect women generally. People go through so many things and make hard decisions to survive, and they should because of that be treated less human than other people. Every woman who has been sexually dehumanized should have a voice and shouldn’t be judged for who they are or what they are.

Some people say because she goes about wearing tight sexy outfits, then if they get raped they were asking for it. That doesn’t even make any sense, my body my choice, even if I decide to walk around naked doesn’t give you the right to force yourself on me. Nothing in this world can justify rape and nobody has the right to decide who gets raped or not.

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